Welcome to Caprioli Painting

Caprioli Painting Inc. has been doing quality work, painting and coatings, for both commercial and residential customers since 1989. We are active in new construction as well as in the restoration of offices, private homes, hotels, schools and many other establishments in New Hampshire and for our neighbors to the North and South. It still astonishes our longtime customers how a fresh coat of paint applied correctly can have such a positive impact.

Welcome to CPI Floor Coatings

We have gained experience and a valued reputation as one of a small handful of companies in all New England that is expert in applying epoxy finishes to concrete. Our most import customer set for this unique application is restaurant commercial kitchens.

Visit us by clicking the “Floor Coatings” tab or at CPIFloorCoatings.com

Community Service

Community Service

We don’t just make a donation (we do that too), but we actively provide services to help our neighbors.

We are most proud of the recent day when we closed the shop and brought all the employees to the NH Food Bank. We repainted the whole building we frequently see on WMUR-TV donating all the labor and with our partner / supplier, Benjamin Moore, all the supplies.

Another time we went to the Brentwood Fire Department and put down an epoxy floor coating so as to preserve the concrete floor from the potential damage of moisture caused by melting ice and rainwater on the engines.

Suffice to say, youth sports in our area are happy Caprioli Painting supports them every year.

Employment Opportunities

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Some of the many towns Caprioli Painting travels to.

  • Chester NH
  • Derry NH
  • Londonderry NH
  • Deerfield NH
  • Fremont NH
  • Danville NH
  • Nottingham NH
  • Derry NH
  • Strafford NH
  • Atkinson NH
  • Barnstead NH
  • Manchester NH
  • Fremont NH
  • Newmarket NH
  • Stratham NH
  • Portsmouth NH
  • Lee NH
  • Greenland NH
  • Exeter NH
  • Epping NH
  • Dover NH
  • Somersworth NH
  • Rochester NH
  • Newfields NH
  • Hampton NH
  • Seabrook NH

New Restaurant we did.

Go check them out! Atlantic Grill Coming soon! The Labrie Family's newest venture, opening fall 2014!

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New Restaurant in Rye, NH.

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www.styleathome.com Experts share their advice about painting different areas of the house.

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Another Dur-A-Flex training pic :)

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Some of our Floor Employees getting more training down at Dur-A-Flex!

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Congratulation to Ashleigh and Frank

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Thinking of a change?

...Check out these Fall Colors for the house :) media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com

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